Thanksgiving 2020 Message

Thanksgiving Bayraminiz Mubarak to new and old visitors alike,


During this Thanksgiving week, we’d like to thank those who have helped support USAN and USTN. Many of you have been part of USAN since our founding in 2007. Together, we were able to amplify our voice to be better heard – thanks to hundreds of thousands of letters sent, hundreds of newspaper articles published, calls and meetings with elected leaders, and our conferences and seminars. By now everyone knows how important it is to be politically active — if we won’t speak for ourselves, someone else will be speaking for us. Our elected representatives on federal and state levels, as well as our media have to hear from us, from the Azerbaijani-Americans, our Turkic-American brothers/sisters, and our American allies and friends. A special thanks goes to all those who either donated to the USAN in the past few weeks, or have donated their time and efforts. Thank you for that. As an all-volunteer grassroots advocacy organization we can only be as active and as effective as the grassroots — that is you.

If you have not been able to donate yet – please consider doing so by PayPal, and If you have donated but would like to also sign up for a recurring monthly donation, you can do that too via PayPal. We have so many accomplishments to celebrate this Thanksgiving, the reestablishment of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity, the return of refugees to their homes, and the planting of seeds for development of the South Caucasus. We rejoice for all who will be returning to their homes in Shusha, Jabrayil, Zangelan, Gubadly, Fizuli, Lachin, Kalbajar, Aghdam, and throughout Karabakh after 30 years of occupation.

As we take time to give thanks, we also think of the challenges ahead. Azerbaijan faces a tough task in getting the seeds of development to grow, it will require demining, rebuilding occupied territories, and resettlement of refugees. Without adequate economic growth and investment, the region will struggle to attain and maintain stability. Moreover, right now, narrow minded interest groups threaten this path to prosperity as they put Azerbaijani-US relations in their crosshairs with bills like HR 1165, 1075 and 319. We will tackle these challenges and the ones that follow 

While we are refreshing our website and continuing our efforts we would like to ask you for 4 things to help us achieve more:

1) Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet us
2) “Like” our page on Facebook
3) Donate to USAN via Paypal, it accepts credit cards (links are listed above)
4) Make sure you sent all the action letters we have currently active

Imagine and believe. Thank you for your activism!

Sağ olun and Happy Thanksgiving,
The USAN Board of Directors