Mission & Goals

U.S. Azerbaijanis Network (USAN) Mission Statement

  • Emphasize the interests of Azerbaijani-American voters throughout the U.S. political spectrum
  • Provide an easy to use and intuitive online mechanism for grassroots activism by the Azerbaijani-Americans
  • Encourage Azerbaijani-Americans to actively engage in U.S. politics on local, state and federal levels
  • Educate, encourage and assist with voter registration and get-out-the-vote campaigns
  • Act as a catalyst for stronger connection and greater accord between the Azerbaijani–American Diaspora and local, state, and national organizations, societies, and associates
  • Create the largest unified list of Azerbaijani-Americans
  • Facilitate electronic communication of Azerbaijani-Americans with local, state and national media, legislation and government
  • Promote the development of a bi-partisan Congressional Azerbaijani Caucus (CAC) in the U.S. Congress
  • Encourage friendship groups and caucuses on Azerbaijani issues in the state legislatures
  • Support the rule of law, equal human rights, cultural rights, language rights, and greater freedom and democracy for Azerbaijani people living in non-Turkic countries
  • Support WTO accession and with it economic improvement specifically through greater trade
  • Promote energy security and diversity of supply via more Caspian hydrocarbon exports, and transportation via revival of the Silk Road
  • Urge all Azerbaijani-Americans and their friends to make annual contributions to sustain the USAN.

Goals of the USAN members, donors, supporters and advocates

  • Review candidates in various political races, conduct interviews, determine how candidates can benefit the Azerbaijani-American community, and determine endorsements and/or contributions to them accordingly
  • Develop ongoing relationships with elected officials in conjunction with the local and national Azerbaijani-American organizations
  • Educate Azerbaijani-Americans about endorsed and/or supported candidates for political office by Azerbaijani-American organizations and encourage Azerbaijani-Americans to participate in voting and other relevant political processes
  • Inform members, as well as their family, friends and co-workers, about elections and voting information through USAN
  • Encourage candidates for office and incumbents to support Azerbaijani-American issues
  • Volunteer and contribute time and money to those legislators supporting Azerbaijani-American issues
  • Work with those candidates for office and incumbents who are not supportive of the Azerbaijani-American issues to soften and change their attitudes
  • Alert of all relevant U.S. media articles pertaining to the Azerbaijani-American community, organize and pre-write “Thank you” notes and Letters to the Editor or op-eds
  • Raise awareness of the importance to have as many Azerbaijani-Americans as possible identify themselves and their native language as “Azerbaijani” and being originally “from Azerbaijan” in the next U.S. Census in 2020.