Impact and achievements

A partial list of USAN’s achievements in the past few years:


  • Sought and received the first historic parliamentary recognition of Khojaly Massacre in the world – achieved in the State of Texas. By majority of votes, members of the House of Representatives of State of Texas, recognized and commemorated Khojaly Massacre, authored by Representative Jim Murphy.
  • Sought and received the recognition from Congressman John Zerwas of the House of Representatives of Black January tragedy, announced and commemorated in the Texas Congress, as well as Azerbaijani Genocide Day on March 31.
  • All together, USAN made possible six parliamentary resolutions throughout the United States – an absolute record and breakthrough for any organization, especially grassroots.
  • Sought and received the third historic, independent official government recognition of March 31 as Azerbaijani Remembrance Day from the Governor of Nevada — for three years in the row! (2009, 2010, 2011). Thus, Nevada has become the first state, after Azerbaijan itself, to officially designate March 31 as a day of commemoration of the Azerbaijani Genocide and re-affirm it every year.
  • Received resolutions from the states of Maine and Virginia on Republic Day of Azerbaijan.
  • Over 400,000 emails, faxes and letters sent to elected officials around the country in the past four years.
  • Some 350 articles, op-eds and letters to the editor published in the U.S. press.
  • Recognized by RFE/RL, The Washington Times, The Hill and POLITICO magazine (the #1 Congressional political newspaper) as the leading Azerbaijani-American nationwide grassroots advocacy organization.
  • Co-sponsored and continued taking part in Turkish Festival in Washington D.C., New York and in Florida for several years in the row;
  • Became an official partner of the TURKSOY organization in the U.S. and co-organized and co-sponsored the March 28, 2011 concert at the Lincoln Theater in Washington DC – chosen by The Washington Post as “Editor’s Pick”.
  • First-ever Turkic-American and Azerbaijani-American organization to be recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau as their Official Partner (since 2009) for the 2010 Census.
  • Organized and successfully held its seminars and conferences in Washington DC, including in the U.S. Congress.
  • Previously introduced the first-ever Azerbaijani financial instrument outside of Azerbaijan – the USAN Platinum VISA Credit Card.
  • Retained official partnership with VotoLatino, a nonprofit created by Hollywood actress Rosario Dawson. This built upon the previously signed partnership agreement with such an esteemed organizations as the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) – the oldest Asian-American organization founded in 1929 (launched a relief campaign for the victims of earthquake in Japan).
  • Took active part in co-organizing fundraisers and online ad campaigns for Azerbaijani-American and other Turkic-American political candidates;

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